Managing Back Injuries

Workplace accidents happen every day, it could happen big, grabbing the attention of everyone or it could be minor, causing only little damage; it could also happen in ways that are not readily noticeable, for example, posture accidents due to sedentary working positions.

No matter the mode in which in happens, accidents always take their toll on different parts of the body, thereby jeopardizing the well-being of the individual.

Back injuries can be caused by several factors or events occurring daily at work; ranging from falling to sustaining a hit to the back; it could also be as a result of bad posture while carrying out activities such as lifting heavy objects, sitting, standing, stretching (when necessary and when it is not). No matter which way leads a person to sustaining such an injury, here are a few tips that will help to manage the situation properly.

It is important to understand first of all, thatkeeping a health condition hidden does not help anybody, not the sick person, or their workplace (which essentially becomes a handicappedteam). It is important to disclose injuries (especially those sustained at work) to the employers. Back injuries are very critical, the back houses the spine which, needless to say, must be treated with care.

It is also worthy of note, that it is not very wise to try to work through a back injury. As the result is with any other ailment, it can only get worse; leading the sufferer to go through more pain, incur more medical costs, increase the propensity to make mistakes that could endanger other workers as well as affect productivity adversely among other things.

Having stated the obvious, back injuries need to be treated immediately it is discovered and by experts too. The discomfort that results from it is enough to prompt a search for treatment, but not just any kind of treatment will do. Again, the back is very sensitive and injuries to it, if not properly handled, could have very bad effects on every aspect of the injured person’s life; as such, not just any kind of treatment will suffice, but proper specialists should be contacted.

The do’s and don’ts of self help treatment for back injuries

Although Do-It-Yourself treatments might be easy to access as well as cheaper, they are not nearly as effective as treatments administered by trained professionals. DIY treatments are based on a number of assumptions that may not entirely be true. Only when properly diagnosed can it be narrowed down form the multiple possible natures the back injury may take.

Victims of back injuries need to help themselves by taking treatments prescribed by their doctors, and most as well adhere to rest periods suggested. If a complete recovery is to be made, doctors’ instructions have to be followed to the letter. Flouting them will only lead to more complications and increase the amount of time it would take to recover.

Another very important way to manage back injuries is to ensure full recovery before making a return to work. There is absolutely no need to endanger an already injured back by exposing it to stress (even if you decide to work safe). Some lines of work (construction for example) can increase the possibility of damaging the back again, even with “light” work. The only green light to return to work is the doctor’s words and nothing less, no matter how well the injured person is starting to feel or how much the pain has gone down, the doctor is the authority and his/her words carry all the weight.

Finally, it is important to warn that safe practices are not negotiable, they should be adhered to in order to prevent the re-occurrence of injuries that have healed, and regular checks are also necessary to ascertain the level of long term damage (if any) caused by the injury.

Dealing with back injuries, call KUER Physio Harley Street today to help you manage it expertly and correctly and nurture you back to health and to work.