What is back pain and how many people suffer from it?

How painkillers caused more pain than my sciatic back pain

Back pain is very common in the UK and more people suffer from lower back pain, sciatica than almost any other type of pain.

Suffering in silence

It would seem that many people suffer in silence with back pain and do nothing about it. Below is a story from one of our patients before they came in for treatment.

I work in an office and sit at a desk for most of the time, doing approximately 65 hours per week is very normal and over the past year i have found i have been getting a sharp pain in the lower of my back. It started off intermittently and i would just ignore it. Then it got progressively worse and i would resort to pain killers, Paramol usually as they seemed to dull the pain the best.

I continued on this path for about 5 months until someone at work asked me how long I had been taking pain killers for my back pain and i had to think about it. When the words left my mouth ‘for a while now, about 5-5 months’ it didn’t take anything else for me to realise the bigger problem in question.

My back was causing more problems that just localised pain it was my lack of understanding and ignorance that had meant i was just relying on blocking or masking the pain and not confronting it head on.

At this point i did what most do, self diagnose on Google and wikipedia, oh dear! never do this is my advice. I read way too much of the wrong thing an instantly thought the worst. Then I realised what I needed was help and professional help .

This is when I sought the help of a physiotherapist and found London Physio. Mike was brilliant and immediately I knew i had found the right physio for me.

My problem was quickly diagnosed and the cause, my working posture. Not sitting properly for long durations over many years and caused this pain. Within a few sessions the pain in my back had dramatically been relieved. I have adopted a better seating position and a new chair, which has helped a lot and I am not suffering from severe back pain any more.

My advice is don’t hide from pain, painkillers or drugs are not the solution and themselves can be a whole other issue later on.


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I have been a client at  for quite a few years, having had various sports injuries. They have always been an exceedingly helpful practice and very professional. Long opening hours that must suit everyone and a charming reception team. At present am being treated. they have been so helpful and excellent in liaising with other practitioners outside the clinic on my behalf. It is very relaxed and friendly, I thoroughly recommend! – Louise