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“Mike’s treatments are invaluable, and delivered real results. I noticed a significant improvement in my health and energy levels. He is truly the king of backs.”
Alistair Roland, Investment Banker, Deutsche Bank



“My upper back and shoulders had been really painful for years. Mike found the root of the problem and sorted it in just a few sessions.”
Kelly Vickers, Ernst & Young



“My hamstring problem had plagued me for years and no amount of rehab ever seemed to be able to fix it. Mike quickly and accurately diagnosed the problem and I’ve been playing rugby pain-free ever since.”
Sean O’Neill, AXA



“I saw Mike after an ACL reconstruction on my right knee. Mike’s rehabilitation program was comprehensive. With his professional guidance I was back on the ski and football fields stronger and fitter than ever.”
Damon Neil BBC, London



“I injured my knee badly skiing and I was worried I might never ski again. Mike knew just what to do to sort me out and had me back on the sloped in 3 weeks. Amazing!!”
Kathryn Thomas, Analyst, Goldman Sachs



“After 10 years of back pain I have got my life back! Even walking, sitting and standing I was in terrible pain. Now I can and walk and run pain free. I’ve lost weight and improved my health all-round. My only regret is not seeking out Mike Squirrell earlier.”
Dave S



“A rugby injury to my neck left me with terrible neck and arm pain. Mike’s treatments immediately helped to reduce the pain and get me back out on the field. He sorted out my posture with a Pilates program and my necks been strong and pain free ever since.”
Simon Ross-Green, Edelman PR



“I met Mike by chance just when I needed him. I was in the middle of training for New York marathon and had injured my knee cartilage. Mike knew just what to do to sort me out physically and he also knew what to say to allay my concerns. He gave me exercises to strengthen my back and knee so that they would hold up in the future and also referred me to a podiatrist to help align my legs. I was quickly back on my feet – literally – and have been running without a hitch ever since!”.
Sarah Tay, Psychologist & Health Writer



“The first time I hobbled in to see Mike, I didn’t hold out much hope. Over the previous decade my back condition had been identified differently by a number of chiropractors and osteopaths. Although several of them had helped me feel better, none of them was able to make me feel that the condition was more than manageable. Mike immediately made me feel that he could help me and, contrary to everything else I’d heard, I could return quickly to participating in sport. Through a mixture of massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture Mike had me back on the road to wellness in a couple of weeks and – unlike every other expert I’d seen – saw me only as long as he considered I needed treatment. Mike’s manner is professional and intelligent but, most importantly, he makes you confident that you can be well again.”
Greg Williams – Author, Editor US Maxim Magazine



“Since I started running 20 years ago I have always suffered from acute shin splints. I have tried every type of treatment including prolonged periods of rest, only for the pain to return each time I started serious training or I increased my mileage. I have trained for & run three marathons through the crippling pain of shin splints but started seeing Mike when I was preparing to run the Berlin Marathon in September 2008 as I was aiming for a time of 3.30 and didn’t want to be hampered by the pain. Mike administered a course of acupuncture – which I have tried previously – but with a more holistic approach in terms of looking at & treating where the problem originates, rather than just where the pain occurs. He also used deep tissue massage and alignment techniques to see how my body was responding to the treatment and to enable him to assess the cause of the pain. Six weeks out from the marathon I also incurred a strained hip flexor which Mike treated, with great success. For the first time in 20 years I have not had any pain in my shins which is incredibly liberating and I was able to increase the mileage on my long training runs. I achieved a time of 3.30 at Berlin and for the first time in two decades – thanks to Mike – am injury free and hopefully rid of shin splints permanently.”
Sarah Ingwersen, Legal Recruitment Consultant, Taylor Root



“I was recommended to Mike after generally feeling unwell; I was physically and mentally exhausted. I was very sceptical as I had tried other therapies and didn’t feel any better. My first treatment was amazing. Mike made me feel very relaxed with his calm and gentle manner. I left feeling more energized, calmer and more grounded. I started to see Mike regularly always with different problems, emotional and physical and he always made me feel 100% better. I trust Mike completely”.
Liz Pugh, Make-up artist for Vogue & Marie Claire



“I have had the pleasure of being treated by Hannah for two separate issues and both times have been extremely happy with the results. I compete in a martial art called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and in the first instance, I urgently needed therapy on a shoulder injury that threatened to prevent me competing in a major international tournament.  I was referred to Hannah with only two weeks before the tournament and, at the time, the injury meant that I could not even do a press up, let alone fight at competition level.  Despite the short time frame Hannah’s work meant I successfully competed pain free and more importantly had no recurring issues afterwards. The second time, I approcahed Hannah to help with a long standing, recurring ankle ligament injury.   I had previously torn my right ankle ligaments on seven separate occasions and after multiple unsuccessful NHS Physio therapy sessions, I turned to Hannah as a last shot at finally resolving the problem.
What amazed me was her instant ability to diagnose the route cause of the recurrence, something that no Physio had been able to do before, and then construct a rehab programme that has resulted in huge improvements all round. I am very happy to be listed as a testimonial to the great work that Hannah does and would recommend her as the Physiotherapist of choice in London.”
Mr Ibi Thomson 



“I had long term shoulder and lower back pain. Hannah diagnosed the root cause at my 1st session and worked out the very best treatment plan that I could integrate into my everyday life. She is a true professional and delivered the results I needed well within the expected timeframe. “
Ms Kim Hahn

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