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Dave Stirling

"After 10 years of back pain I have got my life back! Even walking, sitting and standing I was in terrible pain. Now I can and walk and run pain free. I’ve lost weight and improved my health all-round. My only regret is not seeking out Mike Squirrell earlier."

Make back pain a thing of the past with KUER Physio Harley Street

It seems that everyone suffers from back pain at some point. After a while it can simply feel like an inevitable part of daily life; something that we just have to get on and deal with. In fact, many people get so used to living with a dull ache or discomfort that they forget how it feels to be pain-free and full of energy.

At KUER Physio Harley Street we know that back pain isn’t just a problem you should simply “put up with”. Being trapped in a body that lets you down isn’t something we accept.

We want you to experience the quality of life you’ve been missing out on for far too long. As the back pain specialists we have the skill and expertise to get to the bottom of back pain and get you back to enjoying a pain-free life.

The KUER difference when it comes to correctly identifying and treating back pain

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London’s Leading Back Pain Specialists, Doctors & Consultants

The experienced team here at our Harley Street physio clinic successfully treat patients suffering from back pain every day. We take the time to get to understand not just the symptoms but also the underlying issues that cause discomfort. Whether it’s a recent accident or simply the hours you’ve spent in front of a computer screen in the office, our priority is to treat both immediate pain and the root cause of your problem.

Our approach is a holistic one. As a modern physiotherapy practice we are trained to understand how lifestyle can impact on your health. While our manual therapy sessions are unrivalled, we will also look to help you with your nutritional, fitness and recovery needs beyond the treatment table.

To get the very best results we provide you with a tailored exercise regime to help you stretch, improve mobility and strengthen problem areas so that your pain not only goes away but stays away.

Getting the right nutrition, sitting in the correct way and even sleeping in a better position may also be things that we touch on to get your back pain under control.


The lower back pain epidemic

80% of people suffer from lower back pain at some point in life

Back pain is epidemic in the UK. Statistics show that most of us will suffer from it at one point or another, thanks largely to the modern lifestyle.

Our back pain specialists have a proven track record in rehabilitating patients with chronic and acute back pain. Each and every day we treat people to full health through the best physiotherapy care.


Helping You Understand Lower Back Pain

back pain specialists london

Sitting for long periods of time behind a desk or on a sofa places stress on the spine and can result in a whole range of issues. Part of our job as back pain specialists is to help educate patients in the common causes of lower back pain and how you can make changes to improve your musculoskeletal health.

For many of the patients we see, painkillers may seem like the only option after years of discomfort. But we strongly believe that getting to the root cause of your problem is the solution, rather than masking a problem that will most likely worsen and reduce your mobility as you get older.


Back pain facts

  • Back pain costs the UK economy an estimated £3.5bn each year in lost work time and productivity.
  • Back pain is estimated to cost in excess of £1bn to the NHS.
  • Chronic pain a key factor in the onset of poor mood and even depression.
  • Millions of painkillers are consumed used each year to mask the problem of lower back pain.

Your initial consultation: leaving nothing to chance

If you are in pain, no stone should be left unturned when it comes to diagnosing and treating your problem. That’s why we use the very latest techniques and technologies at our back pain clinic to ensure that you receive the most accurate and detailed diagnosis. After all, the better we understand the source of your pain the more effectively we can treat it.

During an initial consultation we will:

  • Build a detailed history of your health
  • Provide a comprehensive physiotherapy, neurological and orthopaedic exam
  • Perform X-rays and MRI scans where required (not included in standard fee)


Treat. Rehab. Teach. Repeat.

We are delighted that the majority of our patients see significant improvements in just weeks with our help. But we know from experience that lower back pain issues can return swiftly if individuals do not continue to care for it beyond their course of treatment.

We want all of our patients to see long-term improvements; not just short-term pain relief that sees them walking through our door again in 3 months time. That’s why we believe in educating our patients to practise good self-care.

This can include regular exercise, stretching and strengthening work; a healthy, balanced diet; and paying attention to aspects of their lifestyle such as hours spent sitting at work or home.

Want to learn more about self-care from the back pain specialists? Call 0203 174 2455

Like many people, you may already know the basics of back care. You know how to lift a box safely, you understand how to sit properly at your chair, you exercise regularly, eat well and stretch whenever you are feeling sore. Yet if you are still suffering from lower back pain there will always be changes that need to be made and refinements to ease your discomfort.

Often, it takes a health professional to diagnose your problem for you to really look closely at your day-to-day behaviour. For example, sitting behind a desk or in a car seat for several hours at a time may be an unavoidable aspect of your working life. But our specialist physiotherapy team can advise and guide you on the best ways to ease the strain this places on your back.

Our recommendations may include: getting a new chair to correct your posture, daily stretches to prevent tightening of muscles and strengthening exercises to safeguard against future issues.

Factors such as poor posture, poor sleeping condition, stress, smoking and obesity can all contribute to lower back pain, so it is crucial that you pay attention to all aspects of general health.


Why do we suffer from back pain?

Through evolution our spines have developed into an incredibly intricate and effective tool. It is designed to support us in an active lifestyle and help us handle the physical challenges that life once threw at our ancestors who had to hunt and gather to survive. However, our spines are not designed for sitting down at a desk or in a car, or for enduring repetitive movements for several hours at a time. This is why so many people will experience back pain at some point in their life.

If you have tweaked your back while exercising or simply lifting a box from the ground you may believe it has nothing to do with the way you sit at your desk. Yet analysis shows us that the way we maintain the strength, balance and alignment of our musculoskeletal system, the more resistant our bodies are to such injuries.

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London’s leaders for back pain treatment

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“After 10 tears of back pain I have got my life back! Even walking, sitting and standing I was in terrible pain. Now I can walk and run pain-free. I’ve lost weight and improved my health all-round. My only regret is not seeking out Mike Squirrel earlier” – Dave S

Back pain can develop in any number of different ways. From pinched nerves to locked spines and agonising muscle spasms, back pain is a problem that requires immediate attention, as any sufferer will tell you.

At Kuer Physio we offer fast, effective treatment for patients suffering from lower back and sacroiliac pain without the need for surgery, drugs or injections. As London’s leading physiotherapists our Harley Street team, led by Head Physiotherapist Mike Squirrell, have many years’ experience in treating back pain.


Types of back pain treated at Harley Street Physiotherapy

  • Chronic back pain
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Acute pain
  • Mechanical back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Lower back pain or lumbago
  • Upper back pain or thoracic pain


Back Pain Diagnosis & Treatment London

Back pain has never been of greater concern in London or indeed throughout the UK. The modern lifestyle, characterized by desk jobs and hours spent sitting in the same office chair, can lead to severe muscular weakness and postural strain.

Sedentary routines are not the only cause of back problems, however. Road traffic accidents and other physical traumas, over-exercising and obesity are all contributing factors. As a result, more than three quarters of adults suffer from significant back pain during their lives.


Your initial back pain consultation

At Kuer Physio we believe in developing a clear picture of our patient’s symptoms through a thorough consultation process. Only by understanding the underlying issues and forming a tailored, personal treatment plan can we achieve outstanding results.


Back pain consultation’s consist of two separate visits. During your first visit we:

  • Build a detailed health history
  • Perform a comprehensive physiotherapy, orthopaedic and neurological exam
  • Perform X-ray/MRI scans where necessary (not included in fee)


During the second appointment we provide patients with a written report detailing:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment plan
  • Lifestyle recommendations – if there are factors impacting on underlying symptoms

Once patients have been provided with their comprehensive report, treatment can begin immediately.

Where initial examination indicates a potentially serious issue such as a large disc prolapse characterized by significant neurological symptoms, an MRI scan and neurosurgical referral is recommended without delay.


Back Pain Treatment London

Treating back pain can involve a number of different therapies. After assessing the individual requirements of a patient, our Harley Street physiotherapists may utilise deep massage and soft tissue massage, spinal mobilization, manipulation, acupuncture, ice and heat therapies, postural re-education, exercises or laser ultrasound in the treatment of back pain.


Our approach to treating back pain

As the premier physiotherapy clinic in London, we believe in utilising the very latest technologies in our diagnoses and treatments.

As part of our thorough spinal and postural examinations we are able to offer digital computerized x-rays to analyse a patient’s disc compression and spinal curvature. This technology allows us to build up an incredibly accurate picture of a patient’s requirements, detecting early signs of osteoarthritis, ligament calcification or degenerative joint disease before would otherwise be possible.

By identifying problems before they have had chance to cause irreparable damage, we are able to implement preventative measures and recommend treatments to improve posture, muscle strength and joint mobility.

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