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If you are suffering from neck pain, you are not alone. Almost 70% of people in the UK experience acute, chronic or neuropathic neck pain during their lives. At Kuer Physio Dr Mike Squirrel and the Harley Street physiotherapy team are specialists in treating debilitating neck problems, also known as cervicalgia.

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Unrivalled Neck Pain Treatment London

Neck pain can be a more complex issue than it first seems, and there are often a number of contributing factors that patients should be aware of.

Believe it or not our necks, shoulders and upper back are under constant pressure as they work to support the weight of our heads. The complex network of ligaments, joints, muscles and the spine can all succumb to traumas or strains caused during the course of daily life – often with excruciating consequences.

At Kuer Physio our team of physiotherapists offer unrivalled patient care in the treatment of neck pain. Through careful assessment and a tailored treatment programme we succeed in combatting not only the neck pain itself, but also the underlying symptoms.

Our service also includes providing advice and guidance on the lifestyle choices and habits that leave patients open to neck problems. By encouraging you to be more aware of the problems of sitting for long periods, exercising infrequently or exercising incorrectly, we can help you to take preventative steps to avoid any recurrence of your neck issues.

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Types of neck pain treated

  • Acute neck pain
  • Chronic neck pain
  • Neuropathic neck pain


Neck pain Diagnosis

Neck pain can vary from minor strains to the muscles surrounding the vertebrae to pinched nerves or herniated discs. Common causes include stresses and tensions attributed to poor posture, osteoporosis, scoliosis, prolonged periods in poor sleeping or sitting positions, and whiplash – typically caused by a road traffic accident or similar traumas.

To ascertain the severity of an injury and devise an appropriate treatment plan, an initial consultation is necessary.


Your initial neck pain consultation

At Kuer Physio we take time to not only identify the source of a patient’s neck pain, but also develop a clear picture of your symptoms and any underlying factors. This enables us to create a bespoke personal treatment plan that will achieve outstanding results in the shortest possible timeframe.

Back pain consultation’s consist of two separate visits. During your first visit we:

  • Build a detailed health history
  • Perform a comprehensive physiotherapy, orthopaedic and neurological exam
  • Perform X-ray/MRI scans where necessary (not included in fee)

During the second appointment we provide patients with a written report detailing:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment plan
  • Lifestyle recommendations – if there are factors impacting on underlying symptoms

Once patients have been provided with their comprehensive report, treatment can begin immediately.

Where an initial neck examination indicates a potentially serious issue characterized by significant neurological symptoms, we recommend an immediate MRI scan and neurosurgical referral.


Neck pain treatment and preventative measures

After assessing the individual requirements of a patient, our Harley Street physiotherapists may utilize a number of different therapies. These can include:

  • Physical therapies – deep massage, soft tissue massage, spinal mobilization and manipulation
  • Postural treatment and rehabilitation
  • Medical acupuncture
  • Exercise

Exercise is particularly important in the treatment and future prevention of neck pain. Learning basic stretching and manipulation exercises are highly effective in maintaining neck mobility and counteracting the damaging effects of a desk job.


Neck pain consultation and examination now just £180 – reduced from £245

Our approach

As London’s finest physiotherapy clinic, we believe in offering our patients unrivalled medical care.

As part of our thorough spinal and postural examinations we utilise the very latest diagnostic technologies, including digital computerized x-rays.

X-rays and MRI scans are important in building up an accurate picture of a patient’s problems. Indeed, they can help in detecting early signs of osteoporosis, scoliosis, ligament calcification or degenerative joint disease before would otherwise be possible.

By identifying problems before they have had chance to cause irreparable damage, we are able to implement preventative measures and recommend treatments to improve posture, muscle strength and joint mobility.

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