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Corporate Physiotherapy Harley Street, West London W1.

We understand the huge mental and physical stresses that employees and employers face on a daily basis working in London. Our aim is to find long-term solutions for your physical aches and pains back and neck pain that may be affecting you at work.
We offer specialist treatment for:


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Dave Stirling

"After 10 years of back pain I have got my life back! Even walking, sitting and standing I was in terrible pain. Now I can and walk and run pain free. I’ve lost weight and improved my health all-round. My only regret is not seeking out Mike Squirrell earlier."

Corporate Wellness Programmes

Our aim is to empower you to take preventative and pro-active measures to protect not only your spine and posture butand your overall wellbeing. We will be able to pinpoint the key issues affecting your wellbeing and support you in achieving a sustainable level of physical and mental strength to endure the stresses of daily life.
You can be assured that your treatment with us will include the best advice on:

  • How to protect your spine
  • Correct sitting posture
  • Correct ergonomics and the placement of your table, chair and computer screen
  • The best chair design and purchase
  • The best mattress type for your condition
  • Advice on the best methods to Rreducinge stress and tension at work
  • One more here – best methods reduce stress. 2 lines actually
  • Dealing with fatigue, insomnia and lack of adequate rest
  • Nutritional programmes and supplements to boost your energy levels at work
  • How to deal with constant flights and long-haul travel
  • Advice on the best chair design and purchase
  • Advice on the best mattress type for your condition

Testimonials Physio Harley Street

“When I met Mike I had just come off 9 months of solid work. I was in terrible pain and was physically and mentally exhausted. His wellness program was total and he set me on the path back to health immediately. I was out of pain and returned to feeling my best after just a few sessions. Truly amazing!” Simon West, UBS, Switzerland

Do you suffer from pain caused by posture problems in the workplace?

Or maybe your hectic working life dictates how your body is feeling and you’ve had enough of feeling pain or one ache after another?

Or are you constantly plagued by one illness after another?

Mike Squirrell Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic has years of hands on experience in treating backall of these issues and will quickly help you achieve the necessary solutions pain, neck pain, and postural problems.


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