How To Relieve Back Pain Fast

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Back pain is usually caused by strain or tear of either tendon, muscle or ligament. A very common problem which known to affect one in three people each year, back pain can also be linked to poor posture and lack of exercise which results in the spine getting stiff.

Though not usually associated to any serious health problem, back pain, especially lower back pain has a negative effect on sleep, daily activities and even ability to work because the pain can be acute lasting from few days to months and sometimes years.

Symptoms of back pain

  • Inability to easily move the spine while bending forward and back.
  • Pain across the back with tingling sensation radiating downwards to the buttocks, upper legs and even feet- called sciatica
  • Change in posture or limp due to severe pain and spasm
  • Stiff back caused by the muscles around the spine having tense spasm.

Though the above symptoms mean that there might not be damage to your spine or that the back pain might not be caused by a disease, there are certain conditions which make it pertinent that you contact your doctor as it indicates a more serious problem. These may include

  • Inability to control bladder or bowel movements
  • Weakness in legs and unsteady feet
  • Constant pain even without movement
  • Numbness around the lower back and leg area


How to relieve back pain

Treatment usually depends on how long and how severe the pain has been. This is categorized as short term back pain and long term back pain.

Short term back pain relief

  • Staying active and moving on with the activities of the day, living within limits of your pain is beneficial to keeping the spine muscles strong and less likely to become stiff.
  • Hot and cold compression packs can be bought at pharmacies to ease back pain when placed on the affected back area.
  • Painkillers like Paracetamol and ibuprofen are effective in the management or relieve of back pain but may have side effects. It is thus important to contact the doctor to advice on the medication most appropriate for you.
  • Avoid bad posture while stooping, bending and lifting
  • Ensure that when resting or sleeping, it is done on a flat firm surface.
  • Regular exercise within the limits of your pain should be done on a daily basis. These may include swimming, walking, andexercise biking.

Long term back pain relief

Severe Back pain that has lasted for more than six weeks and is seriously affecting your ability to engage or carry out your daily activities should be treated by the doctor who will recommend several choices of treatment that include:

  • Group exercise classes to improve muscle strength and posture. It is well structured and tailored to meet your needs
  • Manual therapies which include physiotherapy or massages.
  • Acupuncture which has been proven to help relieve back pain through the insertion of fine needles in different points of the body.
  • Surgery is usually recommended as a last resort when all other treatment options were not successful. Though has risk of potentially serious complications which should be discussed with the patient before carrying it out.

While it may be possible to relieve back pain using the above guides, it is important to attend a specialist pain clinic that would help assess and treat your pain. At Kuer clinic, we are regarded as London’s leading pain consultants. We offer interventional pain medicine for all forms of back pain and sciatica and what’s more? Your records are completely confidential with us.

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